About the Book

Are you going through a life crisis? In Life Through Crisis, you will learn how to draw strength from life's challenges and survive through difficult times. If you are going through a hard time or suffering loss, there is comfort and hope for you along life's journey. This book is a testament of how the ashes you acquire in this life are stepping stones used to reveal the inner strength you have been given to overcome.

While we all experience challenges on a daily basis, there is beauty for those who persevere to the end. A person struggling to make sense of this chaotic world must come face to face with their trauma and believe in God to provide direction in hard times. My journey is unique to the woman I am today. God has used my experiences to shed insight on how suffering and loss can push you beyond "worldly" limitations and launch you into your destiny.

Take this walk with me as this story empowers you to see:

  • Why difficult times are needed to strengthen your faith

  • How everything you encounter will be used for good

  • How to cling to hope and encouragement to press on